How to choose sawdust briquette charcoal for BBQ?

time Sunday, 15/09/2019
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In holidays with amazing weathers, we’d like to do clinics or have parties in countryside. Of course, BBQ is necessary.

Many people are lack of knowledge on choosing charcoal with good quality to have a happy party. As a professional producer, we have some simple but important points to provide you as following:

A. The charcoal should be hard sounding like metal, the harder the longer it will last burning;

B. The surface of the charcoal have to be smooth, the rougher the shorter it will last burning;

C. It should be felt heavy when you carry it, the lighter it gives temperature the lower and it will cost longer time to cook;

D. If the color of the charcoal surface is black with silver and luster, it would be perfect;

E. When you using it, it shouldn't have palpable flame and thick ash, at the same time the ash color cannot be dark.

With above features of sawdust briquette charcoal, you will get the barbecue cooked very smoothly and delicious shortly.


Shape: Square or Hexagon
Size: diameter around 3.8cm
Length: 10-42cm
Ash content: 3-5%
Moisture: 5%
Fixed carbon content: 85-88%
Calorific value: 7850-8100 Kcal/kg
Burning time: around 5-6 hours

If you have any question about it, feel free to drop us emails!

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